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Land Report


Total area: 13.035 ha

Open aberta: 8.166 ha

Area to be opened: 1.500 ha

Preservational area: 3.369 ha

Rainfall Index: 1.400 mm/annum

Soil:Yellow Latosol

Topography: Flat

Altitude: 860 meters ~ 2,821 ft

Capacity: cotton, corn, sorghum,

soybeans, livestock, irrigation projects

and solar energy.

Price: 4,770,000 soybean bags

Payment Conditions: 25% upfront and the remaining in 9 annual instalments.


The farm has fuel tank, shed and cafeteria. It is located in the municipality of Côcos, Bahia. The distance to nearest town, Luis Eduardo Magalhães, is 420 km~260 miles away from the farm and Brasília, the Brazilian Federal District, is 390 km~242 miles far, and Salvador, the capital of the State, is closer by 88 km~54 miles.


ltaguari River is a natural divider of the Farm with great irrigation potential. The farm has a federal grant allowance (ANA) for the use the water from the river to irrigate 1,500 hectares area of the farm, plus State authorisation (Serna) for drilling 16 high-flow wells, in totality capable of irrigating up to 6,000 hectares with a central pivot.



Most soil is harrowed and of red-latosol quality, a type of deep, reddish-yellow, well-drained soil found in tropical zones, under rainforests, along with greysol, and quartzarenic neosol, are part of great soil groups, according to the soil classification system.


This photo contains a link that will take you to Google Earth, where you can visualise and explore the farm and the surrounding area.

For more explanatory notes, photos and more details of the farm, please download the brochure here.

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