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Land Report


Farm with a total area of 20,303 hectares in vicinities of the municipality of Vila Rica, in the State of Mato Gtosso, Central-West region on Brazil.
Open area: 8,000 hectares formed in Brachiaria, or signalgrass, of which 7,000 hectares are suitable for farming.
Flat topography.
Soil with a variation of 15 to 35% clay.
Average rainfall 2,400 mm/per annum
Main house.
7 houses for employees.
Complete corral.
Landing strip with 1,100 meters of gravel.
It borders 16 km of the Beleza River.
60 km from the limestone;
65 km of refrigerator;
60 km from Vila Rica – Mt.
90 km from Santa Terezinha – Mt.
80 km from Santana do Araguaia – Pa.

Price asked: R$380.000.000,00 to be agreed upon, the equivalent of £62,731,160.00 (on the exchange rate today 4/11/2023 at £1 = R$6,06).

Vila Rica.png

This photo contains a link that will take you to Google Earth, where you can visualise and explore the farm and the surrounding area.

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