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Itapoá's infrastructure is modest, in contrast to the city existing beauty. No beach in the South/Southeast of Brazil offers as much potential for real estate exploration as Itapoá. Firstly, due to the complete bathing ability of the place, that is, sea water without any human or industrial contamination.


Itapoá is a name of indigenous origin, which means “stone that appears”. It makes a curious appearance following the charm of the tides, when high it is submerged, when low it is visible for contemplation. The extention of all the beautiful beach in the surroundings is approximately 32km long, spreading across five resorts: Barra do Saí, Itapema do Norte, Itapoá (center), Pontal do Norte, Figueira do Pontal, with 100% bathing throughout the year, in addition to our Atlantic Forest reserves, where exotic plants stand out, such as orchids and bromeliads. It also has Monazite sands and it is divided by Saí-Mirim and Saí-iguaçu rivers. It is nearby equipped with hotel infrastructure, restaurants, clubs and other services of excellent quality, it is above all a developing city, which preserves its traditions, in a peaceful place with welcoming people.


Itapoa is a touristic municipality that prioritises tourism development according to the seal granted by EMBRATUR, through the PNMT Tourism Municipalization Program, to which Itapoá is intrinsically integrated, it is also a “Municipality engaged in the Brazilian Tourism Product Quality Improvement Program.


The area where the property is located is called “Barra da Lagoa” or if translated “Bar of the Lake” - in the geographical sense, "bar" can refer to a geological formation that occurs at the mouths of channels, straits, estuaries, rivers and other watercourses, due to the accumulation of alluvial material, parallel to the coast, on the line where the river current watercourse and the body where it flows are balanced.


We decided to write the report initially commenting on the external panorama involving business aspects that have legal implications.


Below is an exposition in a colloquial form about only the property called Barra da Lagoa in the region of Itapoá, on the border of PR with SC and adjacent areas, that is, neighbouring ours as a whole. I say this because I intend to expose not only the legal situation, but also the negotiating situation that French intermediaries are proposing to all bond owners in that region. Therefore, note that the analysis below covers matters not only of law itself, but also of a strategic-commercial nature. The intermediaries' move is clear: buy at the lowest possible price and then sell at the maximum price to the French who are desperate for the properties because as far as we know, they have already made all the necessary consultations to carry out the projects they want to develop there.


So there are three different situations that we will explain to you:


1) Negotiating everything:


There are 2 other documentary titles that exist there, behind our property, for approximately R$240.000.000,00 (Two hundred and forty Million of Reais), the equivalent of US$50,000,000.00 (Fifty million US dollars), altogether. We know all the owners of these titles and their peculiarities. These are prime areas of firm ground and secondary forest vegetation.


2) Trading only our title:


The area has 1,400,000 m2, the equivalent of 140 hectares, already documented properly. Now it is in front of the sea, this means that the area belonging to the navy facing the Atlantic Ocean can naturally be acquired to be used for improvements and various other constructions. This adds up to another 500,000 m2, the equivalent of 50 more hectares.




1) In none of the seven major resorts, spread out on the Brazilian coasts, is the beach the biggest attraction. In ours, the beach has everything that others don't have. 4km strip of sandy beach, naturally protected by rivers both to the south and to the north, with no possibility of access for people and/or street vendors, it has complete access control. If the potential client likes extension, Itapoá has 35 km of beach and then one of the most beautiful bays on the planet, the Babitonga Bay. Along its entire length, we have already planted seedlings of coconut, weeping trees and royal palm trees, which should be born soon. There are a 2 to 3 year-old leafy trees with exuberant beauty. If you long for more excitement, Itapoá and/or nearby beach town of Guaratuba have a lot to offer. Our beach is calm and without violent waves. Ideal for children and adults. There are no holes near to the beach, but just around the corner there is a small island that is actually a very famous diving and surfing location.


2) The entire seafront area has approximately 500 hectares. It would not be wise to make use of these 500 hectares all at once.  Keeping an area for preservation of at least 1/3 of the total area is very important. To the north the land is firmer and the vegetation is less dense. There are two titles of approximately 170 hectares each. The small streams that cut through the mangrove areas were desilted to allow local tours. This way, tourists can admire the nature of the mangrove without worrying about the mud or the animals that live there. The natural beauty of it all is fantastic. Ecotourism of the best quality.


3) The central area is flat and has some trays, which are elevated areas of land. These trays do not require artificial embankments to be used, as they are naturally flat. This area is devoid of vegetation, which makes the environment less conducive to the proliferation of mosquitoes. The 5.5km road access to the central area is ready and solid, but needs better paving. It was built over 10 years ago and is already over 20 years old. It is 12 meters wide and has ditches on both sides.


4) We have a lot of palm heart seedlings there. All landscaping and maintenance over the last 15 years has been on us.


5) All maintenance is under control. The road ditches are clean, on the beach before the arms and after the arms. Trees were planted, native fruit trees were replanted, landscaping projects are in progress, the boundaries are clean and spotless and there is also a gate at the entrance. The planimetric survey of part of the area has already been done, and ready to be taken to INCRA.


6) regarding the titles, they are all perfect and up-dated.


7) in relation to the city of Itapoá, it will receive heavy investments in the next 10 years. The port in Babitonga Bay, which belongs to the Batistela Group, will receive 100 Million in investments over the next 5 years, 35 km from our area. The world-class golf club and the large marina are at the entrance to the bay, in a place called Pontal.


The airport in the area provided by the Gunthers in exchange for IPTU exemption, in the middle of Itapoá is approximately 15 km distant from our area. Spanish and French tourists have visited Itapoá quite often. Itapoá will have a tremendous real estate boom in the next five years.




The whole world is full of resorts and places like Cancún, the Mediterranee Resort in the Northeastern Brazil, etc. With the problem with the ozone layer, pollution, high flow of tourists and vacationers, our area follows the pattern of ecotourism trends, with an important difference, many today look for places with an average level of sunlight and rainfall. It is relevant to remind of the beauty of the mangroves and the Atlantic forest nearby is a unique characteristic. Studies were carried out on the property and it was found that the salinity in the internal channels that irrigate the property would provide ideal conditions for the development of shrimp farming activities. The analysis demonstrated a percentage of 33 parts per million litres of water. This condition is exceptional for shrimp extraction, a commodity that has been showing high profitability in the national and international markets.


Price asked: USD 50,000,000.00 | £ 40,000,000.00

This is a unique opportunity to own a 'woodland’ at the coast with 20% of  planning

permission to build your resort, with pristine clean water, and no waste.

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