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Natural Products

Acre is a treasure trove of minerals waiting to be explored. With minerals like Alexandrite, Diamond, Gold, and Niobium, the potential for mining is immense. The best part? Mining exploration in Acre has a low impact on the environment and exploration can be licensed for immediate approval within a short period of time.


Get our top-notch latex straight from the Amazon rainforest from an area known as Alto Jurua Valley, where the locals who've been doing it in a lifetime harvest it sustainably and with great care. it is also known for its purest quality made to the highest standards.



Oil and Gas

During a test exploration, Petrobras found oil at a depth of 17-40 meters. Other companies are also taking advantage of the benefits of exploring oil and gas in the State of Acre, far outside of our properties. We are opening these opportunities due to the vast potential options the area offers.

Petroleum oil and gas exploration site in the rainforest.jpg
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