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Total area of the farm is 21,000 hectares. It is located in Diamantino, State of Mato Grosso, in the Central-West region of Brazil.
6,500 are in pasture.
35% legal preservation area.
Flat topography
with a slight rippled surface.



01 3 bedroom house 300m2 completed and comfortable.
06 houses for employees.
01 House for the farm manager with 220m2.
01 Cafeteria
01 extra accommodation with 06 bedrooms
02 Barracks
01 Hangar 1,800 m² ceiling height 18 meters
1,200 m gravel landing strip
04 Three-phase transformers
Livestock infrastructure:
360 pasture divisions
1,000 km of smooth wire mastic fence
160 Salt trough houses, with mastic platforms with ype boards, zinc sheet roofing.
90 Australian drinking fountains
05 Waterwheels
08 Reservoirs 350,000 litres of water
03 Corrals with chutes and scales
02 field pens in mastic
Hydrography: 42 km of Rio Arinos forming the background boundary, 21 km of Rio Preto, 11 km of stream, 14 dams with spring water within the farm.
Up-to-date documentation


Note: Neighbouring farms plant soybeans, corn and cotton.

Option to plant 4,000 ha in crops in the already open area.
A license is being issued to open another 6,000 ha, with 20 to 40% clay, the remainder can be leased for eucalyptus.


Distance from nearby towns:
45 km from Diamantino, MT

100 km from Nova Mutum, MT
200 km from Cuiabá, MT
25 km from the Highway.


Price asked: R$450.000.000,00, the equivalent of £74,264,400.00 (on the exchange rate today 4/11/2023 at £1 = R$6,06).


This photo contains a link that will take you to Google Earth, where you can visualise and explore the farm and the surrounding area.

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