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Municipality of Cocalinho – MT on the banks of the Araguaia River.

Total area: 13,979 hectares (5,776 Bushels), with 9,000 hectares of pastures formed (3,719 bushels) of which 6,500 hectares formed in pastures, with several variations of grasses: brachiarão, andropogon, humidicula and a small part of massai.

1,100 meter landing strip.
Topography: 95% flat and a small wavy part (hills) and various reliefs.

The farm operates livestock for breeding, rearing and fattening, but currently only fattening cattle.
The area is very well subdivided into 250 small pastures.
There are approximately 9,000ha of already formed pastures. .
The water project distributes water, through gravity, throughout the farm. This is done through a large dam that supplies 2 elevated reservoirs with the capacity to: (1) Reservoir “a”: 254,000 liters and (2) Reservoir “b”: 280,000 liters
There are 200 km of water network, 130 drinking fountains, each with a capacity of 12,000 liters. Each trough provides water for four pastures.
There are approximately 700 km of electrified smooth wire fences, with pasture divisions of around 30 hectares each. Management is rotated throughout the farm. These electric fences use solar energy.
There are also 250 km of conventional fences. Indoor fences. They are conventional, with premium wood and five strands of smooth wire.
The internal roads provide good access to the pastures. There are 700 flat acres, with small undulations, excellent quality savannah with dual aptitude (crop and livestock), completely flat with various types of grass: brachiarão, andropogon and humidicula. There are 120 bushels in the lower middle part and close to the headquarters.

It consists of a corral, which meets all demands well, and also a house with motor power.

It has fertile and good quality land, with part formed by brachiarán and massai.
There is a corridor connecting the retreat to the headquarters, which is passable throughout the year.

It consists of a townhouse, gardens with swimming pool and several improvements.
Close to the headquarters are several settlers' houses, a canteen and accommodation. All with running water and electricity. There is also a warehouse with a mechanical workshop, a diesel oil tank with an electric pump for fueling, and an animal feed mixer.
It has a private lake that has 20.08 acres. In this lake there is also a kiosk with a floating and electrified walkway.
Next to the lake there is a good house for surveillance with electricity and running water, and a fishing ranch made of excellent masonry quality.
The ranch serves to accommodate fishing equipment and also as a leisure area. Although it is not currently cultivated, the farm's soil is very favourable for soybean production. For information: the neighbouring farm had high productivity, obtaining 55 bags per hectare in its first year of production. Given this success, they are doubling the soybean acreage.


Distances to the nearest towns:
Approximately 385 km from Goiânia, GO, the capital of State of Goias, and although the farm is within Cocalinho jurisdiction, it is still 90 km from Cocalinho itself, 150 km from Barra do Garças, 50 km from Britânia, State of Goias, and 16 km from Itacaiu Bridge.
Price asked:
R$220.000.000,00, the equivalent of £32,961,800.00 (on the exchange rate today 4/11/2023 at £1 = R$6,06).


This photo contains a link that will take you to Google Earth, where you can visualise and explore the farm and the surrounding area.

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